Book Learnings #4

A few months ago, I picked up a book called “Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice” by Clayton M. Christensen and I dove right in.

One particular study in this book caught my eye.  It explained what Christensen called the ‘job to be done’ perspective.  A study was conducted at a small milk shake business in which the goal was to determine customer peak times and why they came?  The peak times turned out to be around 9am and 5pm.  The reason why? These customers were coming in at 9am to buy a milkshake for breakfast.  But why not eat something at home? Because during a long and boring commute, it’s awkward to eat a bagel and cream cheese or any other breakfast alternative, so they came to get a Milkshake–which comes in a cup that will conveniently fit in their cup holder and is thick enough to last nearly their whole commute and until lunch!

From this book, it made Richard and I really focus on the problem of why job seekers don’t go out and get the exact job that they want?  What goes wrong?  Why do they settle for another miserable job?  This book helped put ourselves in the mind and shoes of the common job seeker and ask the right questions in order to build JobBindr to their exact specifications!

Competing Against Luck.jpg


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