JobBindr Lesson #4

As we continue to scramble to find a developer to build our web application for JobBindr, it has been extremely important and valuable for us to build on relationships. While at times we think that we can do everything ourselves, we simply are not experts in every field.  This is where building relationships come into play and save the day.  For example, we have been evaluating overseas development teams and have had to lean on some old relationships that we had to recently rekindle.  Why?  We have no clue what kind of STACK to use to best build JobBindr.  We don’t have an idea of how long this really could take.  We don’t know what should be included in version 1 or version 5.  The list can really go on here.  Conveying to some old contacts that we need help and that we are recognizing that they are the expert has been a very powerful thing for us (and for them too!).  What we have learned from this is that: it’s true, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.  And we know, as time goes on and we continue to network and build these relationships, we are going to have some of the best connections that will get us beyond JobBindr, and that is what we are beginning to realize is most important.  From our end, we now know that we need to sustain any and every relationship that we have because you never know who’s help you’re going to need next!


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