Daily Motivation #4

At times, I ask myself why in the heck am I doing all of these things.  These things meaning:  Working so hard at my actual job, trying so hard to start this side business, getting myself out of my comfort zone and networking with as many people as I can, focusing on my health and fitness, filling up my weekends for the next few months, etc.  I ask myself why I am doing these things because the more I do them, the more I realize that they are extremely exhausting.  On long days, I will start at 5am and end at midnight and in the duration of the time, I had zero “fun.”  Why?  No one else I know is doing this, so why in the hell would I.

On the good days, I have to continuously remind myself why.  It’s because I can.  Reflecting back on my days of wanting to lose weight so I no longer got made fun of, setting high goals for swimming to become the top of my team, wanting to add 50 lbs of bodyweight to my frame because I was now reminded of how skinny I was, to wanting to get my CMA designation, I always set the bar really high because I believed that I could do it and in the end, I did do it.  So why fill up the last years of my 20’s with nothing but hard work?  What it boils down to is that no one else is going do to it for me.  No one.  Not my fiancee, not my family, not my friends.  No one will be able to bring the success that I want to achieve in my life unless I do it.  So during these tough times where I am drained and I literally, want to give up, I have to remind myself that the reason why I am doing these things is because I know I can.  


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