Book Learning #6

Just a few days ago, I finished a book called Contagious: Why Things Catch On by Jonah Berger.  All in all, it was a great book for thinking about how you would get people to remember your product, message, etc.  It described how things go viral and why one thing may where another may not.  Jonah Berger honed in on some key things that all humans care about and how they lead to contagious products/services/etc.:

Social Currency – This is all about seeming cool in some shape or form.  By sharing something awesome, you get social currency because people now view you as knowledgeable, cool, etc.
Triggers – This is all about getting someone to think about your product/idea/etc. through external triggers.  People like to be led, of course, so this makes sense.
Emotion – This was about how we use emotion during a common day and how it influences us in what we share, talk about, etc.  Think about those really sad SPCA commercials and how they make you feel down, so you want to donate…
Public – The more something is public, the more likely you are to follow and tell your friends to follow.  Think about how you picked out a restaurant before Yelp…
Practical Value – Providing information or methods so that others can use and benefit their lives.  Life hacks are the most common ones that I have experienced and they get shared quickly!
Stories – People love to tell stories, but what people really like to do is tell you the HIGH points of a story.  Those high points are what will catch on and are usually why people tell them the way they do.  This leads to Social Currency…

My takeaway from this was really about practical value and social currency.  As Richard and I continue build JobBindr, we continue to think about how we will get people to talk about and use our product.  With JobBindr, we are looking to get people THE job that they have their heart set on.  We are looking to educate them on how to job search, provide them with an organizational tool, and notify them as they go through their job search.  From this, we are looking to provide practical value.  As well, we want people to talk about JobBindr and this is a hard one.  The only time you hear about someone job searching is when they are complaining about it.  Figuring out a way to ask “how is your job search coming along?” and to get something like, “great!  I use JobBindr, so it makes job searching pretty easy” is obviously the goal.  The question is, how can we get someone to say this… to be determined.




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