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Our Story:

On October 31, 2016, one of my best friends, Richard W., and I sat down at a cafe in Cole Valley in San Francisco to finally take the leap–starting our first business.  We opened an Excel workbook and began brain dumping anything we could think of.  We went until we were exhausted.

That day, nothing we thought of was actually viable.  We continued to search the internet for a “great idea,” but came to realize that this stuff was really hard!

Fast forward to the end of November.  I had been looking for a new job as my current employer was moving their office to Utah.  I had to find a new job by the end of the year or else my now fiancee and I were going to have some serious financial issues.  I had applied to about 30+ jobs and hadn’t heard back from any employer.  Turns out, November and December are the worst months to look for a job!  With people taking vacations and company departments wanting to conserve their budget to meet Q4 2016 goals, it was not looking too good.  I continued my search and was determined to get an offer before the end of the year.  I created a spreadsheet to track all of my job applications, kept tailored resumes and cover letters in folders on my desktop and in dropbox, had my calendar setup so I could view on my mobile and computer, and tended to my email and phone calls with urgency. With each response via phone, job portal, or email, I logged the information in my spreadsheet and calendar to be sure I never missed a beat…and I didn’t.

One morning in early December, I woke up at 5am to my regular routine: coffee, my spreadsheet, indeed, and my resume.  I was frustrated at this point as I still hadn’t received any opportunities and by this time I was nearing 100 job applications.  As well, I had just about had it with this spreadsheet as it turned into chaos, even though I was trying so hard to be organized.  I thought, “there has to be a tool out there that helps the job applicant manage their entire job search.”  I spent the remainder of my morning before work searching for one and ended up finding some that were created years ago that were horrible or had gone out of business.  Then it hit me.  This is it.  This is our opportunity to solve a real problem.

The next day, I called everyone that I knew who had been on a job search before asking how they went about their job search.  Everyone that took their job search seriously said the same thing, “a spreadsheet.”  I kept searching the internet for things like, “tips to manage your job search” or “how to get a job faster” and believe it or not, the top hits were to create a spreadsheet!  I called Richard immediately.  Though not convinced, he heard me out.  He did some research on his own and then agreed, this was our opportunity.  This is how JobBindr began..

Note: JobBindr is currently being built and we hope to release it by the summer time.